I'm John Boesen

I'm a junior at Harvard concentrating in Computer Science and Statistics, using data to solve big problems. Let's Chat!

Selected Projects

Algorithmic Traders

Trading bots researched, implemented, and iterated on with fundamental and behavioral strategies under Yongwhan Lim (Two Sigma) and independently. Built with NumPy, Pandas, and Scikit-learn.


A Python library to interactively analyze which factors in a dataset are most associated with clusters. Users can lasso points of interest in a 2D plot of the data, which is created using PCA for dimensionality reduction.The image shows ClusterSight applied to a 1000+ dimension gene expression dataset to isolate cancer-associated genes.PyPi


An app to make GPT-2 more interpretable and equitable. Built with an interactive attention interface and predictions interface to redteam predictions by ranking them by offensiveness. Flask backend and React frontend.


Location-centered social network built as part of Harvard Student Agencies Web Development with PostgreSQL, React Native, GraphQL, and Objection.js.